Trainers – keep yourself up to date!!


Trainers – keep yourself up to date!!
LPF UK/USA are offering you a series of masterclasses which will help improve your technique and maintain the quality of your teaching.

Every masterclass runs for 60 minutes (with a 15-minute Q&A included), taking place on Saturdays at 10:00 AM Eastern Time. The classes remain accessible for your practice throughout the week and aren’t downloadable.

Your qualified instructors, Becky Keller and Alexa Marine, will cover the following:

Resistance ( September 23 )
Utilise an elastic band to effortlessly merge tension and resistance, amplifying your LPF journey. Attain impeccable posture, rhythmic breathing, and sustained isometric exercises through controlled tension, leaving you with a serene smile of accomplishment.
Pilates ball ( October 21)
Discover the dynamic integration of the fit ball, designed to push the boundaries of your stability. Prepare to elevate your practice as this versatile element adds a thrilling challenge to your Low Pressure Fitness experience.
Pilates Ring ( November 4)
By incorporating a Pilates ring, we offer you a unique opportunity to grasp posture through a new lens. Unlock deeper insights as the Pilates ring enhances your understanding of alignment and form in Low Pressure Fitness.

You can choose to join each masterclass separately or all 3. 
And if you haven’t yet reached the relevant LPF certification level, these masterclasses will give you a TASTE of what can be achieved.
Help us make you the best LPF Trainer you can be, by continuing your education – let’s make a difference, join the LPF Club!